Pink M.O.M. Ornament

Marlene - My sister

Onelia  - My mother in law

Manuela - My wie

Three strong women, 3 breast cancer survivors.  A portion of each M.O.M. ornament sold is donated to the Susan G. Komen oundation.

M.O.M. Ornament
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Hand Blown Glass


My work follows the long tradition of decorative arts.  Whether working in glass, clay or metal,

my goal is to create beautiful works of art that speak to the individual.


To achieve this, many of my pieces incorporate glass frit which I then manipulate by using optic molds and twisting the glass to create spirals.  From here, I might dunk the piece in water (the ciambella series), pull the necks long (the ghirigori series), or distort the glass and sand blast the vessel (the gioielli series). My most challenging work involves using flat stain glass and employing the "flat glass pick-up or roll-up" technique.  To create these pieces, I must cut down stain glass into the sizes that I want.  For my Quadretto pieces, I cut 1 inch square pieces and assemble a checkerboard pattern two layers thick.  The piece is brought up to 900 degrees in the annealer.  At this point, using a large metal "fork" the shelf with the pieces on it is heated in the glory hole to soften the glass. This allows me to push the glass together making sure each individual square has fused into a sheet of glass.  This sheet is then "picked-up or rolled-up" onto a collar of glass on the blowpipe.  The side seam is closed and then the bottom.  The piece is then blown out in the egg shape vessels I make. The "quilted" glass pieces follow the same principles except that the assemblage of the individual pieces takes much longer as so many different shapes are incorporated in the "pick-up".  My influence for these pieces is my grandmother, as she was an avid quilter in her lifetime. 
Down-up-up-down Crackle Bud Vase
Get 2 looks with just one vase. These bud vases can be turned upside-down for a larger bunch of flowers.  Or use as in the images below for a dramatic effect with just a single or a couple of flowers.  Go to the shopping cart if you would like to purchase one.




Frosted Gioielli

Perfume Bottles


Gator Skin Bowls

Crackle & Pop Bowls

Down Up Bud Vase