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The above photo montage illustrates the construction of a commissioned vessel.  The Silveramics Vessel was presented to First Lady Michelle Obama in September 2010 on her visit to Brock Elementary in Slidell, Louisiana.  Mrs. Obama used her visit to the school to kick off her school nutrition program.  The event also included the National Football League's Play 60 program and members of the New Orleans Saints.


In January of 2013, I was commissioned by the producers of "Treme" to create an award to be given out at the end of the series wrap party to a select group of individuals that went above and beyond during the production of the series.  Seven individuals were recognized for their outstanding contributions to the show. 

The awards are raku fired slabs of clay,  approximately 8 1/2" x 12" and hand stamped.  There is no glaze on them.  The coloration is from the carbon being absorbed into the clay body during the raku firing process.  Afterwards, the pieces are hand rubbed with tree wax to give them a soft shimmer.

Custome Pendant Lights

These hand carved ceramic custom pendents are hanging in the kitchen of textile artist Kate Beck.  Aproximately 4" x 12" in a white glaze.

The set of four below is in the Walker/Haessig home.