Custom pieces available.  Just give me a holler and we can discuss a piece specifically for you.

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In the pottery studio I have several lines.  NOLA Blanc is my service ware line.  Included in this line are serving platters, casserole dishes, trivets, spoon rests, wine/utensil holders and dishes.  Each piece in this line has a fleur de lis incorporated into it.


My raku work is decorative and very much influenced by New Orleans.   

My offering urns are one-of-a-kind slab built pieces containing iconography of New Orleans.  They are made in both the white stoneware glaze and raku glaze.  Each piece contains a circular image that represents a hurricane, indentations in the clay mimic plotting the path of a storm, text and various styles of fleur de lis make up the rest of the imagery. 


"Silveramics-TM" is my high end line.  I combine raku and pure silver to create one-of-a-kind 

decorative pieces.  The finished pieces have a veneer of pure silver fused onto the surface of the clay body.  Included in this are hand built pieces as well as wheel thrown pieces. 

 You might be wondering why I work in both glass and clay.  That's because the public access glass studio that I work out of turns off the furnace during the summer.  Because of this down time, I pursued my interest in clay and have mastered skill sets for working in both media.

Silveramic Boxes

Silveramic Bowls

Offering Urns

Containment Vessels


Refrigerator Piggy Banks